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  • Our school members: Chilloh

    At our school are many different people, lets get to know one of them!

    Today I spoke with Chilloh. He is 25 years old and he comes from the coastal town of Mombasa – that’s in Kenya. He is an assistant teacher at our school for one year. This is his 3rd time in Germany.

    Chilloh speaks four languages: English and Swahili are the national languages in Kenya. Digo is his mother tongue and lastly he can also speak German.

    His favorite car brand is Audi and his hobbies are football, watching movies, cooking and hanging out with friends. Chilloh’s favourite food is chapati (a type of bread) with beans.

    I wanted to know about school in Kenya. Chilloh says:

    „In Kenya, students wear a uniform to school and teachers have to dress official.“

    I also asked Chilloh what he thinks of our school:

    „I think this school is different because the lessons are longer compared to other schools, and the students are taught on how to work by themselves. It is very interesting and I am happy to be here!“

    Written by: Tadeuzs

  • Do it yourself project: Tetrapak wallet

    If you like to handcraft things and if you like to save the nature, than this
    article is right for you . I will show you how to create a nice wallet out of
    a normal tetrapack. Have fun tinkering!

    You Need:

    • one empty tetrapack
    • one scrap of fabric
    • a paint brush
    • a paperclip
    • glue
    • scissors
    • push buttons and tongs or a piece of ribbon
    1. First you have to wash the tetrapack and let it dry.

    2. Now you have to cut off the bottom and the
    top of the tetrapack. It’s easier if you first make a hole in the tetrapack.

    3. Cut off 1/3 at the front of the tetrapack.

    4. Turn the tetrapack around. Put some glue on the long side.

    5. Brush the glue everywhere on the long side.

    6. Push the side with the glue down onto the fabric.
    Do the same with the sides of the tetrapack.

    7. On the front you have to cut the fabric with the scissors, so that the fabric overlaps.
    After that use the glue.

    Then wash out the brush.

    9. Cut off the fabric at the edges of the tetrapack.

    10. Now fold the tetrapack and push the both sides in the middle. You can use the paperclip to fix them in place. If you like, you can round off the edges of the front with the scissors.

    12. At the end you choose the right parts of the
    push buttons and fix them to the wallet with the tongs.
    As alternative you can use a ribbon.

    Have fun with this do it yourself project!

    Written by: Ella

  • Climate change: Here is what you can do!

    I think climate change is a very important issue. It has many effects on our planet. For example, climate change makes it warmer, then trees die. Having less trees is bad for the air we have because the trees produce oxygen.

    So I asked other people whether they are interested in climate change.

    36 people are interested in climate change. Only 6 people are not interested.

    I also asked: Do you think you can make a difference towards climate change?

    Everybody said yes!

    It is very important that everyone helps a little to fight climate change.
    Here you will find lots of ideas on how we can help the environment:

    1. Just pay attention to what you buy and whether you really need it.
    2. Ride a bicycle, because cars pollute the environment so much.
    3. Plant trees so they produce oxygen for us.
    4. Use reusable drinking bottles and bags because then there is not so much plastic trash.
    5. Don’t consume so much electricity – switch things off when you don’t use them.
    6. Try to buy less new clothes because making them needs a lot of energy and water.
    7. Don’t use so much plastic because it makes the environment dirty.

    Let’s go fight climate change!

    Written by: Sophie

  • Fast Fashion: Good for us, bad for our environment?

    What is Fast Fashion?

    Fast fashion is fashion that is produced quickly and cheaply. Fast fashion is often produced under terrible working conditions and very harmful to the environment. It is mostly produced in Asian countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and China.

    What are the problems with Fast Fashion?

    One of the problems with fast fashion is that it is produced under horrible working conditions because many of the workers in the factories are exposed to high temperatures, chemicals and physical violence. Sometimes there are even bars on the windows of the factories so that the workers can not get out.

    Also, many fast fashion companies copy designs from other designers and brands that means they steal ideas and don’t even think of their own designs.

    Another problem is that fast fashion brings much more clothing to the market more often and faster. Here, the consumption of raw materials and the energy used increase. The whole thing has culminated in recent years in the fact that 8% of the world’s greenhouse gases come from the clothing industry and currently global textile production per year causes approx. 1.2 billion tons of CO2 – for example the production of ten jeans consumes almost as much CO2 as a flight from Berlin to Munich! The production consumes millions of tons of water and that’s why many lakes and water sources have already dried up.

    One of the biggest fast fashion producers is SHEIN. They bring much more clothing to the market per day than other brands. Compared with other companies, SHEIN launch 6,500-7000 new products per day and other companies just 500 per week.

    You may wonder now why so many people buy fast fashion. The reason for this is that it is very cheap and many influencers advertise it.

    But we can all help taking care of the environment by informing ourselves and making good choices.

    Written by: Lisette and Cathrina

  • Do it yourself project: Tic Tac Toe to go

    Today I‘ll show you how to make a Tic Tac Toe game to go.

    For the game we need:

    • small, flat stones (minimum 10)
    • a piece of paper
    • paint
    • a bag
    • a brush
    • a textile pen

    1. First we put the paper in the bag because the textile pen should not push through.

    2. Paint the Tic Tac Toe square with the textile pen.

    3. Put the stones in two rows and make sure that in each row there is the same number of stones because they are in two groups then.

    4. Paint a cross on one half of the stones and a circle on the other half. Let the stones dry, then you`re done.

    Now you`ve finished your Tic Tac Toe to go. Have fun playing!

    Written by: Jonna

  • My thoughts about the school yard

    My school yard is in front of my school, the GSM. On the school yard, there is a small football pitch, this is where students play football during the break. There is a silver container just outside the football pitch. Students can get skateboards, a mini basketball hoop and basketball ball. In winter it is always muddy and dirty in the school yard. That is not cool!
    Also there is not much to do, so sometimes I‘m bored.

    What’s new?

    New on the school yard is a
    bench next to a big tree.
    There are no other news about my school yard.

    What could be better?

    I think a climbing frame would be very great. On my dream school yard, a swimming pool would be very nice. In the autumn and winter with warm
    water and in the spring and summer with cold water. And a canteen next to the pool would a be very, very great idea. That’s cool!

    My design for a climbing frame

    Here you can see my plan for the school yard with the climbing frame, sweets shop and swimming pool:

    Written by: Jasper

  • Workshop survey

    At our school, we have workshops (Werkstätten) 4 times in the week. There are four categories of workshops:

    1. Creative for example ceramics, art
    2. Sports, for example football
    3. Cultural, for example French, Spanish, social learning
    4. Science, for example school garden, programming

    The teachers decide what workshops they want offer. But what do the students think? I interviewed 41 students at our school.

    As can you see nobody thinks the workshops are very bad but also only 4 students think the workshops are very good.

    So I asked 24 of the students: What workshops would you like?
    Several students (9) want more creative workshops, for example ceramics, art and drawing classes.
    Many students (12) want sport workshops, for example handball, horse riding, trampoline, football and sport games.
    One student really liked the circus workshop this year and wants to do it again.
    Some students wish for more choice of different workshops.
    Some other ideas were to watch movies, cooking and baking classes or a combination of sport and media.

    Written by: Arwa

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